The dbSAFE Classic is a modern take on the original DVTEST RF enclosure.

A faraday cage designed to be a utility enclosure for basic RF applications, the dbSAFE Classic has a wide operable frequency range offering up to 90db of isolation between 300MHz and 18GHz. Featuring the same durable aircraft-grade aluminium construction and precision machined I/O panels of the original dbSAFE, the dbSAFE Classic incorporates modern gaskets, absorbers, and interchangeable I/O panels. Added to that is the widest selection of I/O connectors and interface modules in the industry. The dbSAFE Classic will NOT disappoint.

It truly is an instant classic!

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The best insertion loss and high phase stable cable

Good Insertion loss and phase stability cable

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Thermal test enclosure up to 100 dB* isolation, 300 MHz - 18 GHz, -80°C to +180°C

Up to 100 dB* isolation from 300 MHz to 18 GHz.