How can double-wall design increase isolation of an RF shield box?

Radio frequency shielding is mandatory to avoid undesired energy being coupled into wireless devices under test within the RF test box. Stay on top of your 5G test game and make sure that your RF test enclosure has a premium shielding.

What is shielding effectiveness and why does it matter in wireless testing?

This is a term denoting the ability of an RF shield box to avoid undesired RF fields to couple to the device under test. This term represents the ratio of field strength with and without the shielded test enclosure. SE for RF enclosures is always compromised by apertures, slots, cable penetration, etc.
Staying on top of your 5G RF testing game is absolutely essential in the ever-evolving world of Internet-of-Things (IoT). This feature will help you achieve repeated results and can help get your network-enabled wireless devices and products to market quickly.

DVTEST double-wall design ensures up to 20 dB additional isolation

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