Review on Measurement of RF Isolation for Small RF Test Boxes

This white paper discusses an isolation measurement method of RF test enclosures with a dimension greater than 2 m and a performance between 300 MHz – 6 GHz. We will also introduce methods for SE measurement in small shielded test enclosures.

What is a shielding enclosure / an RF shielded test enclosure?

It is a structure that prevents any electromagnetic (EM) field from penetrating its interior, and it also prevents environments from the effect of internal EM fields. In general, a shielded enclosure is constructed from metals with a continuous electrical connection in between metallic parts.

What does the term ‘Shielding Effectiveness’ mean when it comes to RF test enclosures?

It is a magnitude ratio of signal received from transmitter antenna without shielding enclosure to the signal received within the RF shield box.

Why this matters as you’re getting ready for 5G

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