Toronto, ON, Canada, February 2Noisecom Noise Source 10MHz to 43GHz5, 2019 – DVTEST Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced RF test enclosures is proud to announce the official launch of their OTA Verification Tools. They are introduced in collaboration with Wireless Telecom Group. 

A Practical Approach to Characterization of Wireless Devices

In today's world, as the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing rapidly, 5G services are propelling almost every technology. 5G will also be pushing OTA test requirements at an incredible speed. DVTEST OTA Verification Tools, complementing RF shielded test enclosures, will make the process of verifying an RF test environment not only easy and fast, but also affordable. Testing teams will now be able to validate and characterize their test system inside RF shield boxes with one turnkey solution. 

“One of the dilemmas engineers face today is the following. When testing highly integrated radios, UUTs no longer include conventional cable connection points. MIMO devices have many different antenna elements making conducted methods of test impractical,” explains Tony Tirelli, VP of DVTEST.

“As a result, performing end-to-end OTA testing becomes an absolute necessity. Consequently, users must have absolute confidence in their OTA setups in order to guarantee the efficacy of their test results.” 

The industry is quickly moving towards utilizing higher frequencies when it comes to 5G testing. Therefore, the conventional approach of using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) for OTA path loss verification becomes impractical.

“Engineering teams need to face the ever-rising costs associated with using VNAs today.” according to Mike Caines, General Manager of DVTEST.

“Noise sources in these frequency bands are now accessible at competitive pricing. They can also significantly lower the cost of wireless testing while providing comparable validation data,” he explains. DVTEST is excited to announce the new venture at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Feb 25, 2019.

Learn how to validate and characterize your test system inside RF test boxes

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